Thursday, August 26, 2010

Cholesterol Leads to Delay in Blogging

Hola Follower,

Although I have been too lazy to blog for a while, rest assured that Glen O'Mac and Grievous Bodily Charm's Taco Bill Tour has been progressing nicely.  With 6 restaurants down there is 24 to go (at last count) and most recently we have visited Mornington, Camberwell and Templestowe Lower. 

I'll be sure to get the notes and reviews online shortly - especially since Templestowe Lower was such a blast!  Everything from Boy Scouts to giant calculators - this visit had the lot! 


Tuesday, May 18, 2010


Tomorrow night sees the Taco Bill Tour juggernaut roll into the Malvern East store!  Review and photos to follow!

Taco Bill Russell Street

Hello All!

There's been a slight delay getting the Russell Street Review up on the blog, but it's not far away, so stay tuned! 

Grievous Bodily Charm

Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Next Up: Tuesday 6th April - Melbourne CBD

Hello Followers,

No tainted 'Coolade' here, just an update to let you know that Grievous Bodily Charm and Glenn O'Mac have narrowed the field to two for the next Taco Bill Tour venue. 

Since the Melbourne International Comedy Festival is in full swing it is only logical to hit up one of the Central Business District outlets prior to indulging in the comedy extravaganza.  More details to follow once the final decision is made. 

Meanwhile, should you feel the urge to come along to point and laugh then feel free to contact us either through the comment section of this blog, or alternatively at

Until then, Por favor, me da un carrete de 24 fotos para esta camara?

Grievous Bodily Charm & Glenn O'Mac xoxo

Monday, March 1, 2010

Forest Hill - The Verdict

 Taco Bill Forest Hill: 13 Mahoneys Road, Forest Hill

Grievous Bodily Charm and Glenn O'Mac are just back from Forest Hill - the very first stop on the Taco Bill Tour of Victoria!  So, how was it?

The Basics:
We were greeted promptly and politely by our waitress Amy (whose sunny disposition did not wane at any point throughout the course of our visit).  

The Mesa was clean and, importantly, featured Birthday Club forms and a range of menus and assorted paraphernalia.

Salsa and corn chip dip was promptly provided by Amy before our collective bums hit our Sillias!

The Order:
Glenn O'Mac ordered the 'Enchilada Nuevo Mexico' and a VB stubbie, while Grievous Bodily Charm decided upon the 'Burritos - Supremo' and a Carlton Cold beer. 

Our host Amy opened the blind at the 12 minute mark giving Glenn O'Mac the excuse he'd been waiting for to wear his sunglasses inside. 

The Food:
Of his meal, Grievous Bodily Charm's remarked that it was "Delicious, but I ate it waaaay too quickly". 

Glenn O'Mac finished his meal about 8 minutes later.  "A bit mild in the chilli stakes, will have to ask for the extra spiceee next time". 

Amy was attentive throughout and provided outstanding service and didn't linger like some table staff have a habit of doing. 

The Verdict

Main Meals:
Glenn O'Mac: 3 / 4.5 Taco Shells
Grievous Bodily Charm: 6.4 / 8 Taco Shells

Hot Chocolate:
Alas, this was the only real let-down of the experience. 

Grievous Bodily Charm: A bit too watery.  The marshmallows tried to save it but couldn't.  1.5 / 5 Cocoa Beans

Glenn O'Mac: Confused with tepid bath water.  -0.5 / 6 Cocoa Beans

Des[ite the "Mexappointing" hot chocolate, the food and service at Forest Hill was outstanding!  Amy was happy to verify our visit by signing off Forest Hill from our t-shirts and posed for a photo. 

To Amy and the kitchen staff at Forest Hill we say Muchas gracias por todo! .  Grievous Bodily Charm will be sending a copy of the photo to the Forest Hill restaurant as a thank-you for their great efforts. 

Staff Quote - Amy: "Taco Bill is Mexcellent!"

Keep an eye out for our next location!

May the Taco Be With You,

Grievous Bodily Charm & Glenn O'Mac xoxo

Sunday, February 28, 2010


Quiero presentarle a the Taco Bill Tour official blog!

The t-shirts have been painted and the first destination has been decided.  Taco Bill in Forest Hill, Victoria, will kick off the Taco Bill Tour tomorrow evening at 7.05pm. 

As the blog description says, my friend and I decided to try and visit every Taco Bill restaurant in Victoria (plus Albury) for no particular reason, other than it sounded like a challenge.  At each restaurant we aim to have our waiter or waitress pose for a photo and sign off their store name on our specially designed (and unbelievably poxy) official commemorative t-shirts.

Each franchise will be reviewed and, where possible, the photos will be posted here on this blog.  Also, because we are caring (and crudely self-promoting) kind of guys each store will receive a copy of our staff photo.

We hope you enjoy the journey with us (minus the calories/kilojoules) online.  However, should you feel the urge to join us when we visit your local Taco Bill please feel free to email us at:

May the Tacos Be With You,
Grievous Bodily Charm & Glenn O' Mac xo xo